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Monday, December 11, 2006

So Much for That Theory

Looks like Lew Ford is staying with the Twins. I can't for the life of me understand why - as I've mentioned before, his production has fallen every year, and there really isn't a logical place for him on the team anymore - UNLESS the Twins are not optimistic about signing Rondell White (or any other left fielder). In that case, since Josh Rabe seems not to be in the Twins plans for next year, Ford is probably the logical choice as a placeholder.

I have to say, though - if Jason Kubel is not a viable option for Left Field because of his knees, and if the Twins don't sign somebody else, who plays Left? Are we going to see some kind of Ford/Tyner platoon (please, oh PLEASE say that is not the plan)?

Anyway, for those who think that I'm a Terry Ryan apologist, I strongly disagree with him on this move (and on the decision to outright Josh Rabe off the roster). Oh yeah - as expected, all of the other arbitration-eligibles are going to be offered a contract tomorrow as well.


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