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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bonds to the Twins?

This New York Times article suggests that the most logical option for Barry Bonds in the 2007 season is . . . the Minnesota Twins.

The article demonstrates something of a profound misunderstanding of the Twins - institutionally, financially, and heck, even spiritually. To be fair, the article acknowledges that Bonds isn't the kind of player the Twins normally go for - and signing splashy free agents isn't exactly part of the Twins modus operandi. So, here are my reasons why Barry Bonds is a terrible choice for the Minnesota Twins.

(1) Money
The Times suggests that the Twins are $11 million under payroll, and that if they could just get Carl Pohlad to open up and provide $6 million more, they could give Bonds a $17 million one year contract, and life would be grand. However, this fails to take into account the fact that the Twins will need to give significant raises to Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Michael Cuddyer. When those raises are factored in, there is very little likelihood that any money will be left over for a significant addition like Bonds. It's just not economically feasible.

(2) Team Attitude
The Twins are a "chemistry" team. Barry Bonds is the anti-chemistry player (well, except in one respect . . . ). This is simply not a good fit.

(3) Bonds' Attitude
And I mean this in every conceivable way. First, Bonds wouldn't play in Minnesota. He hated Pittsburgh. He hates anyplace that isn't San Francisco, I assume. He doesn't want to play in Minnesota, and would never sign a contract with the Twins. Then, there's the other side of Bonds' attitude - the giant, egomaniacal side of Bonds' attitude. I'm not sure that his ego would fit in the Metrodome . . .

(4) Fan Attitude
Twins fans, embrace Bonds? C'mon . . . Forget about the NYT suggestion that Bonds would lead to sell-outs - I just don't think it would happen. People would show up to watch the team - not to watch Barry. In fact, there might even be a backlash by fans who aren't interested in watching a player who they perceive to be bulked up on steroids.

There are a lot of other things that I could go into, like the distraction that Bonds brings, and the fact that at some point Bonds will break down, but I think this is a good enough list. The Twins neither will nor should go after Barry Bonds. Let him re-sign with the Giants, if they'll have him.


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