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Monday, December 04, 2006

Minnesota Sports Zone

I've agreed to join the team at Minnesota Sports Zone as a Twins blogger, effective immediately. I intend to continue posting on this site with the same frequency as I have in the past, so readers of this blog should notice no change. At first, it's likely that my posts will pretty much duplicate each other on this blog and at MSZ, but that may change as I become more familiar with MSZ and its readers. Also, since I'll be just one of several bloggers at MSZ discussing the Twins, I won't be posting anything there that duplicates what someone else has already done. You can find my posts by going to the "Twins blogs" section on the MSZ Twins page (upper right hand side).

I'm looking forward to expanding my blogging efforts, and I want to thank Nam Huynh (who actually contacted me) and the other bloggers at MSZ for the opportunity to join their team.


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