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Saturday, November 25, 2006

This Week

I plan on making several posts over the course of the next week, and thought I'd provide a bit of a road map for what I expect to comment on this week:

1.) At the request of a reader, I'll comment on the contracts that have been signed this winter, and what I think it means for the Twins.

2.) I'll take a look at what the Twins need to do the remainder of the off-season, considering that the free agent market has spiraled far, far out of control.

3.) I'll discuss the moves that have been made so far by other teams, and provide some extremely early analysis of which teams seem to have improved - and which are in trouble. Consider it the earliest of early predictions for 2007.

4.) As promised earlier, I'll take a look at Twins prospects who I think might be vulnerable in the upcoming Rule 5 Draft.

Of course, I'll also comment on anything else Twins-related that develops over the course of the week. Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving - I spent my time reading about Administrative Law in preparation for my first final of the season. Such is the life of a law student . . .


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