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Monday, December 04, 2006

Minor League Free Agents

From Baseball America (and courtesy of Major League Baseball before that), here's a list of Twins minor leaguers who were granted free agency after the season.

C - Shawn Wooten
2B - Luis Maza
3B - Joelvis Gonzalez
3B - Terry Tiffee
SS - Donaldo Mendez
SS - Nathanael Stevens
OF - Quinton McCracken
OF - Andres Torres
OF - Kevin West
RHP - Henry Bonilla
RHP - Beau Kemp
RHP - Pete Munro
LHP - Matt Ford

You know what's interesting? I looked at this list when compiling my previous post on potential Rule 5 Losses, because obviously minor league free agents wouldn't be lost that way (since they were already gone). Somehow, I missed Beau Kemp's name entirely - maybe because they list him as "Sebastian Kemp" and I just glanced at it. Incidentally, I have no idea who Joelvis Gonzalez or Nathanael Stevens are.

Expect the Twins to at least investigate the possibility of bringing back a couple of these guys to fill out the AAA ranks next year. Whether they get the opportunity will, of course, depend on the market that develops for them.


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