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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Non-Tender Deadline

The deadline for offering arbitration eligible players a contract for the 2007 season is on Tuesday. I've mentioned before that I think everybody is safe, with the exception of Lew Ford. I'm not going to reiterate the points that I made in this previous post, so I'll summarzie: Lew Ford has gotten worse every year he's been at the Major League level, and is no longer a player who benefits the Twins.

Look at the outfield situation for the Twins right now:

LF - Jason Kubel
CF - Torii Hunter
RF - Michael Cuddyer
OF - Jason Tyner
OF - Lew Ford

The Twins are trying hard to sign a left-fielder, probably Rondell White, which would push Kubel into the DH role most days. It would also give the Twins 6 outfielders, and they aren't going to carry 6 outfielders. Previously, Ford was essential because he could play CF - but Tyner can do that. In fact, Tyner and Ford are similar players - and we don't need both on the team. Even if the Twins don't sign White, there are better options available - Josh Rabe, for one, who I don't think should have been removed from the 40-man roster - and those options aren't in line for a raise through arbitration.

So, as much as I like Lew Ford the person, Lew Ford the outfielder should be parted with. Look for that to be the only non-tender on Tuesday.


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