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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Return of Rondell?

The Twins website has an article up tonight suggesting that the Twins have significant interest in bringing Rondell White back into the fold next season, but as the regular LF, not as a Designated Hitter. This is primarily interesting because it's an acknowledgment by the Twins that Jason Kubel is probably more suited to being a DH at this point in his career rather than a LF.

As for Rondell, I think this is a good move. He's going to be affordable, and in the last half of the season he certainly seemed to be playing solid baseball. I'm inclined to believe that the initial decision to go after Rondell was a good one, and that the Twins would be well-served by bringing him back in to see if he can have a full, healthy season.

This is by no means the splashiest move possible, but considering the market and the Twins other options, this really is a solid move. One last thing - remember the suggestions that Barry Bonds was a suitable option for the Twins in LF? Compare White and Bonds - really, think about the team with these two guys on it. Are you really going to tell me that you'd rather have Barry Bonds, the person? White (by all accounts the consummate teammate) and Bonds simply couldn't be more different - and I'm very proud to be a fan of a team that is more interested in players like White.


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