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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Seth's Pairwise Comparisons

Seth Stohs from SethSpeaks.net has asked me to put out this post looking for volunteers interested in filling out a pairwise comparison of pitchers and hitters under 30 that you would want to build a team around. It's an interesting project, and he's looking to compile as many results as possible to try to get an idea of how baseball fans in general feel.

Basically, you rank these guys against each other, one by one, working your way through a grid. Example: Joe Mauer or Brian McCann? Joe Mauer or Albert Pujols? Joe Mauer or Andruw Jones? It takes awhile to do, and there are a fair number of names on each list, but I enjoyed filling it out.

Anyone who is interested in participating can do so by e-mailing Seth for the spreadsheet (sethspeaksnet@hotmail.com), or you can e-mail me at (taylorjs@colorado.edu) and I'll get you a spreadsheet and turn it in for you if you like.


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