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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nightly Notes

It's been awhile since I've posted "Nightly Notes" column, but it seemed appropriate tonight, where there are a number of things to discuss. So, here goes nothing . . .

1.) I don't yet have a complete list of non-tenders - I'm not even sure if the deadline has passed yet. Some deadlines used to be at midnight Eastern, but most of the deadlines have shifted to 2:00 or 4:00 pm ET in the last few years. When I get a complete list, I'll post some thoughts on the names that I think might get a look from the Twins.

2.) If the Twins do decide to go after one of the non-tenders, or any other free agent for that matter, they'll have to do some massaging of their roster. With the addition of Alejandro Machado through the Rule 5 Draft, and the pending signing of Jeff Cirillo, the 40-man roster is once again full up. Incidentally, the webmaster at the Twins website still hasn't gotten around to taking Josh Rabe's name off the roster - he was outrighted after being signed. I'll be posting a longer article on the subject of who will be removed from the roster in the event of a signing later tonight or tomorrow.

3.) The Red Sox have upped their bid to Matsuzaka, but I still think the two sides are going to be too far apart, and don't believe Matsuzaka will be pitching in the MLB this year.

4.) The possible acquisition of Jason Jennings has been pretty much DOA since before the Winter Meetings kicked off, but today the Rockies officially killed any chance of a deal by sending Jennings to the Houston Astros along with Miguel Ascencio in exchange for OF Willy Tavares and Pitchers Taylor Buchholz and Jason Hirsh. I don't know enough about Buchholz and Hirsh to really grade this trade, but I'm guessing the price was significantly higher than the Twins were willing to pay - and if that guess is correct, then I fully support the front office's decision to pull out of pursuit of Jennings.

5.) Remember Tommy Herr? He was on the 1987 Cardinals team that lost to the Twins in the World Series, and then was sent to the Twins in a horrible, horrible trade that sent Tom Brunansky to the Cardinals in 1988. He played just 86 games for the Twins in '88, and then was traded to the Phillies for Shane Rawley, who went 5-12 with a 5.21 ERA for the Twins in '89 before becoming a free agent. So, we got a year of Tommy Herr and a horrible year of Shane Rawley in exchange for Tom Brunansky. Wow. Anyway, Herr has been hired as a manager in the Nationals minor league system - good luck to him!


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