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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Something Very Premature

In honor of the Twins taking the lead in the Wild Card for the first time since they made their monumental comeback from oblivion, I figured I might as well post the Twins Magic Number. There's a certain nice quality to posting it now, as well, since it turns out that the Twins Magic Number to clinch the wild card is sitting at 50, which is a nice round place to start the countdown.

In case you want an actual formula for determining magic number, it's 163 - (First Place Team Wins) - (Second Place Team Losses), and for a good explanation of why that's the case, you can go here if you don't believe me. A little simple math will get you there as well without too much difficulty.

Incidentally, this means that the Tigers magic number to clinch the AL Central is 41.

I plan on having a notation of this on the right side of the blog. For those of you who are superstitious and believe that I'm jinxing the team...go see a psychiatrist.


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