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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Enemy Intel Report

Another huge week coming up for the Twins, with 7 games against tough teams. Here's the report:

Minnesota Twins
3 games @ Detroit (Mon-Wed)
4 games vs. Toronto (Thu-Sun)

Detroit Tigers
3 games vs. Minnesota (Mon-Wed)
Off Day (Thu)
3 games @ Chicago (Thu-Sun)

Chicago White Sox
1 game vs. Los Angeles Angels (Mon)
3 games vs. New York (Tue-Thu)
3 games vs. Detroit (Fri-Sun)

New York Yankees
Off Day (Mon)
3 games @ Chicago (Tue-Thu)
3 games vs. Los Angeles Angels (Fri-Sun)

Boston Red Sox
Off Day (Mon)
3 games @ Kansas City (Tue-Thu)
3 games vs. Baltimore (Fri-Sun)

Meaningful games against competitive teams all around, with the exception of the Red Sox. If the Sox are going to stay afloat in the playoff race, this is probably a huge week for them, because the rest of their competition is going to beat each other up. For the Twins, they need to stay afloat against Detroit and take 2 of the 4 against Toronto to keep pace. I'll be perfectly happy with 3 wins this week, and if they can pick up 4 or 5 they should gain a little ground on the competition. A much needed off day is coming up a week from Monday, by the way. It'll be interesting to see who gets the start in the second game against Toronto; that's the place that Mike Smith currently holds in the rotation, but the only way he gets that start is if the Twins don't feel there's anyone else to take the role. In other words, unless Matt Garza can convince the Twins in the next few days that he can mix his pitches up well enough to get Major League hitters out.


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