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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Bad News

Well, anyone watching the game tonight heard Dick announce that Francisco Liriano has been scratched from tomorrow's start, and that Boof Bonser will be promoted to make the start in that game. I don't have much to add beyond the obvious; let's hope that Francisco doesn't have to be disabled, and that this is just going to push back his start by a day or two. If not, the Twins playoff hopes have suffered a probably irrecoverable blow. Time will tell.

I still expect Guerrier to be called up and Eyre to be sent down tomorrow. I'm just wondering what the other move will be. The Twins could send Baker down to make room for Bonser, or if Liriano isn't going to be able to go for awhile, they may need to send down Rabe to make room for a 12th pitcher. At this point, that's what I expect to have happen. No matter how you look at it, pretty bad news for the Twins.


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