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Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm baaaaaaack...

My vacation is essentially complete, with my dad leaving tomorrow. Remarkably, despite spending much of the last week in places such as Durango and Montrose, (that's Colorado for those of you unfamiliar with the West), I was able to follow the Twins through a bit of accidental good luck. My dad rented a car for his visit, since mine has seen better days and would be a bit...untrustworthy (read that as "scary") driving over mountain passes 11,000 feet in the air. On Sunday, when we were driving to Durango, we realized that the car was XM radio equipped, meaning we were able to pick up Twins games. As a result, I heard the last game of the Indians series and all three games of the White Sox series. Considering how things turned out, I'm pretty glad luck was smiling on us.

Incidentally, I also finally made it to Coors Field this week. I've been living in Boulder for nearly a year, and had yet to make it to a Rockies game. The Rockies picked up the win on (another) Trevor Hoffman blown save, in a dramatic come-from-behind mad scramble for runs. It reminded me of the old-style Rockies games, the kind that basically were nothing more than glorified home run hitting contests. It was pretty fun, though, and anytime I get a chance to knock another ball park off my list, I'm pleased. So here's my idea; sometime in the next couple of days, I'm going to post MY list ranking the 30 current MLB parks. This list will be unbelievably subjective, with no attempt made to be fair or accurate. Since I haven't been to anywhere near all 30 parks, it will be filled with hearsay and rumor. Since I hate the Yankees, I'll probably knock the Stadium down a few rungs. You get the idea. After I post it, I'd be interested to hear comments from anyone with a few minutes to do so.

I'll return tomorrow with regular posts, including the next Enemy Intel report, along with a rundown of trades that may or may not happen, and my thoughts on why things are progressing as they are. If a trade happens tonight, I'll post on it with some cheap analysis.

So, my faithful readers (ironic plural included for laughs), I have returned, and am none the worse for wear. I look forward to providing some insight and analysis for the remainder of this remarkable season, and hope you continue (or begin) to stop by and check things out once in awhile.


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