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Friday, July 21, 2006

Early Enemy Intel Report

I wanted to post this, and won't be around on Sunday to do it. Here's the report, for games from Monday until next Sunday.

Minnesota Twins
3 games @ Chicago (Mon -Wed)
Off Day (Thu)
3 games vs. Detroit (Fri-Sun)

Detroit Tigers
3 games @ Cleveland (Mon-Wed)
Off Day (Thu)
3 games @ Minnesota (Fri-Sun)

Chicago White Sox
3 games vs. Minnesota (Mon-Wed)
Off Day (Thu)
3 games @ Baltimore (Fri-Sun)

New York Yankees
3 games @ Texas (Mon-Wed)
Off Day (Thu)
3 games vs. Tampa Bay (Fri-Sun)

So, the Twins have a brutal, but very interesting schedule this week. There is a great opportunity to gain ground, but this week could also kill the Twins playoff hopes and make them sellers over the last few days before the deadline. What a week for me to go on vacation!


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