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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Few Notes

I don't want to get in the habit of posting game recaps, because there are a lot of good sites out there for that sort of thing. However, since today's game wasn't on TV, I thought I'd make an exception and just mention a few of the things that caught my eye.

First, Johan Santana was very, very beatable today. He would not have won against the White Sox or Tigers. Reason to be concerned? I'd say no...every pitcher struggles sometimes, and I think he'll bounce back fine. That said, at no point today did he seem comfortable on the mound. Of course, he lost it completely in the fifth inning (I like how when Johan loses it completely, it results in a couple of runs for the other team, whereas when someone else loses it, they get bombed for 5 or 6 runs and have to leave the game). His control was not present, and he had to throw fastballs in the strike zone that were getting hit hard.

Next, how about Pat Neshek? Clearly the Twins have decided already that he can get major league hitters out in tight situations. He seems to be the pseudo-setup man (i.e. the guy who pitches the 7th with a lead). That was a role that belonged to Jesse Crain coming into the season, but he coughed it up. Dennys Reyes has been used in that role, but as the only lefty in the 'pen, the Twins would probably prefer to have him available for situational matchups. The way he handled every batter he faced today was marvelous; he sure looks to be a keeper.

Those are the big things for tonight. I'll leave some parting shots tomorrow for people to think about while I'm on vacation next week, as well as the Rookie League Report. Until then...


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