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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Enemy Intel Report

The Tigers did as expected against Kansas City this past week, but the Yankees did the Twins a favor and beat up on the White Sox. Here's the scuttlebut for the next week.

Minnesota Twins
4 games vs. Tampa Bay (Mon - Thu)
3 games @ Cleveland (Fri-Sun)

Detroit Tigers
Off Day (Mon)
3 games vs. Chicago White Sox (Tue-Thu)
3 games vs. Oakland (Fri-Sun)

Chicago White Sox
Off Day (Mon)
3 games @ Detroit (Tue-Thu)
3 games vs. Texas (Fri-Sun)

New York Yankees
3 games vs. Seattle (Mon-Wed)
4 games @ Toronto (Thu-Sun)

Toronto Blue Jays
3 games vs. Texas (Mon-Wed)
4 games vs. New York Yankees (Thu-Sun)

This will be an interesting week. The Twins have a winnable series against Tampa Bay, followed by three games against Cleveland, a team the Twins have to beat up on if they have any hope of catching Chicago or Detroit.

After losing 2 (and hopefully 3) games to New York, the White Sox now have to face off against the Tigers. This head-to-head battle between the two best teams in the American League will be fun to watch, and it will be good for the Twins to have these two teams beat up on each other.

The 4 game series between New York and Toronto is also very compelling, as the Blue Jays will have a chance to pass the Yankees in the standings, or else to fall very far behind.

All in all, a very interesting week in baseball, and one where the Twins have a very good chance to gain some ground in the standings. With time starting to run out, the Twins need to gain a couple of games on the White Sox this week.


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