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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Three Notes of Interest

1.) ESPN is reporting that Liriano experienced arm soreness starting about the second inning of tonight's ballgame, explaining his inability to last beyond the 4th, as well as his not-so-great outing. The news is troubling, because it means things are more serious than we fans had hoped. This of course begs the question of whether it will be necessary to skip Liriano's spot in the rotation the next time through, which would come up on Saturday against the Blue Jays. If it is, the Twins may be forced to get creative with a call-up, especially if the Matt Garza call-up rumors are true...which brings us to...

2.) Matt Garza continues to be rumored to be on his way to the big leagues. Terry Ryan told the Strib that a Garza promotion in time for Friday's game (currently scheduled to have Mike Smith start for the Twins) was a possibility. We'll know by Wednesday, when Garza is scheduled to pitch for the Red Wings. Obviously if he isn't in the lineup, then we can expect to see him make his Major League Debut on Friday. However, the Liriano complications make it more likely, to my mind, that Smith will be kept with the club to start Friday's game, and then sent down to make room for Garza to start on Saturday. Frankly, it seems unlikely to me that Liriano will make his scheduled start Saturday, so I'm thinking a Garza appearance is very likely.

3.) In a minor note (pun intended), Erubiel Durazo was released by the Twins from AAA Rochester. This really isn't a surprise, as Durazo hasn't been any good for quite some time now. The decision to bring Durazo in wasn't a bad one, really; it didn't cost the Twins anything much, and they didn't try to force him onto the Major League roster. What's perplexing is that Durazo didn't last very long at all. He was hitting .264 with 1 HR, and that just wasn't good enough to keep his job, I guess. The coaching staff at Rochester must have had enough of a look at him to determine that there just wasn't much left in the tank, and so Durazo's Twins career ends shortly after it began.


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