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Monday, August 07, 2006

Matt Garza

Alright, I cry uncle! I've been saying for the last couple of weeks that Matt Garza isn't ready for the big leagues, that he shouldn't be rushed, that the Twins should do what they can with guys like Baker and Bonser and Smith and give Garza a chance to mold his game to the Major League style, with less reliance on the fastball and more off-speed stuff.

However, the hew and cry for Garza has reached a fever pitch, with fans, media, and seemingly the Twins players and coaches now clammoring for the phenom to be given yet another promotion, this time into the middle of a late summer pennant race. If, as the Pioneer Press is reporting, Garza really has already modified his game to the point that the Twins are satisfied with, then I have no problem bringing him up. At least, on one condition. I have no idea what this kids mental makeup is like. He had success at every level professionally so far; how will he deal with the inevitable bad game that has to come sometime? How will he respond if he isn't magical, but only average, in his first few starts at the Major League level?

I don't want to be a wet blanket, but I also want to inject a sense or balance in the discussion. I hope that Garza is the brilliant, Liriano-like godsend that so many view him as. I would be thrilled to eat my words. But I would also settle for a guy who gives the Twins 5-6 innings in his starts along with a chance to win. That's what we need out of a fifth starter, and I'd be fine with that. I'm forced to concede that Garza will almost certainly be called up long before September, as I'd thought. I'm just not sure how to feel about that.


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