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Monday, October 06, 2008

The Vikings Won, But . . .

Actually, forget the "But." I'm happy with the win, since I think the Vikings are a decent team and I'd like to watch them in the playoffs (that'll be awfully tough, but I can dream). I don't read much on the Vikings -- certainly no blogs and very little coverage in the papers. As a result, I'm not really dialed in on where fans stand on Brad Childress. My dad and I were talking about this tonight and we've pretty much settled on the idea that he's an anchor on the team and should probably be removed from his post. Of course, if he had anything to do with that bizarre TD play where the receivers both converged on the same point, maybe he's better than I think.

So, any thoughts? Is Childress to blame for the weak start to any extent? Are the Vikings a legitimate playoff caliber team? Does anyone miss the Twins yet (I do!)?



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