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Saturday, September 27, 2008

More of the Same?

The Twins 4-2 loss today was tough to take, especially so since I didn't have a chance to actually watch it (thanks again to MLB's idiotic agreement with Fox allowing Fox to black out 4 games rather than just 1). Since I didn't get to see the game, I don't know how upset to be with Justin Morneau for the bases loaded groundout double play that ended the 7th inning, for instance (did he hit the ball hard, and just get unlucky? Or did he take a bad approach at the plate and essentially waste his at bat?).

The bottom line is that the Twins have now entered a place that they really don't want to be in -- they once again need to rely on the Indians to take care of the White Sox tonight (something which so far is happening). It's looking more and more likely that the Twins will be playing on Tuesday in Chicago for the division title -- and that will not be friendly territory, to say the least. On the plus side, with the Angels decision to start their series with Boston on Wednesday, the Twins wouldn't have to start the series with the Rays until Thursday so travel shouldn't be an issue.

I hope to get an actual, honest-to-goodness Nightly Notes post up after tomorrow's game. I'm even more hopeful that I'll be talking about the division-winning Twins -- but thanks to the Twins unfortunate inability to take care of business over the last two days, everything will have to go right in order for that to be the case. Enjoy your Saturday night (try not to think too much about the game!).



  • At Sun Sep 28, 04:54:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    why is the one game playoff held in chicago? seems like that should be at a neutral site, like bud selig's favorite, miller park.

  • At Sun Sep 28, 08:46:00 AM , Blogger JST said...

    That's an interesting idea. Of course, you'd still have to designate a home team, but I guess you could use the coin flip for that purpose. I'm guessing this all has to do with logistics, though -- since there are so many variables, it's probably just easier this way.

  • At Sun Sep 28, 01:15:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    it hardly seems fair, although bud doesn't seem to care about keeping it fair. or give home field advantage to the team that has the better head to head record.


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