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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Playoff Predictions

The playoffs get underway today, and even though the Twins aren't going to be part of the fun, I'm still pumped for the start of the best post-season of any professional sports league. Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I figure I should give my predictions for how the next few weeks will play out. If I'm lucky, I'll be a little closer than I was when I predicted who would make the playoffs in the first place.

For the record, here's who I predicted would get into playoffs at the beginning of the year:

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers (92-70)
NL East: Philadelphia Phillies (94-68)
NL Central: Houston Astros (88-74)
Wild Card: New York Mets (93-69)

AL West: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (93-69)
AL East: Boston Red Sox (100-62)
AL Central: Detroit Tigers (99-63)
Wild Card: Cleveland Indians (95-87)

So, I did alright -- at least I got half of the participants correct. That's not exactly a shining example of accuracy in predictions, though. Nonetheless, here's my guess on how the post-season will turn out:

American League Division Series
Tampa Bay Rays (3-1) Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels (3-2) Boston Red Sox

National League Division Series
Chicago Cubs (3-1) Los Angeles Dodgers
Philadelphia Phillies (3-2) Milwaukee Brewers

American League Championship Series
Los Angeles Angels (4-2) Tampa Bay Rays

National League Championship Series
Chicago Cubs (4-1) Philadelphia Phillies

World Series
Los Angeles Angels (4-2) Chicago Cubs

This isn't what I'm rooting for, mind you -- I want the Cubs to win the world series, and as much as I'm growing to dislike the Red Sox, I have to admit that a Cubs/Red Sox series would be great. I'm also rooting for the Rays, because as I mentioned previously the Rays were my backup team back in the day in case the Twins moved away or were contracted. I wouldn't mind a Cubs/Rays series because of that, but such a series would have a bit less cache than Cubs/Red Sox. Worst case scenario -- somehow the White Sox win the World Series. A close second -- the Red Sox do it again. Can't wait to see how it plays out!

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