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Saturday, October 04, 2008

First Round Dud

I love the MLB Playoffs. Whenever possible on the first day, I try to stay home and watch all three games back-to-back-to-back (wasn't able to make it happen this year, sadly). I was really looking forward to all the action this year as well, since there were (and still are) a whole bunch of great story lines to follow.

That's why it breaks my heart to say that what we've seen has just flat out been a dud. In fact, it's been worse than that for me -- it's been a dud with bad results. The teams that I want to win are, with the exception of the Rays, losing. We have four series that have all gone to 2-0, and I wouldn't be remotely surprised to see at least three sweeps. We haven't seen walkoffs. For the most part, we haven't even seen close games! To me, what we've seen so far is as disappointing as going through the first round of March Madness with no upsets or buzzer beaters would be.

I'm hopeful that this weekend will bring some better action. Maybe this dud of a post-season can still be saved. Help me, Torii. Help me, Aramis. Help me, Prince. As for the White Sox? You guys can go ahead and get swept.



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