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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blog Update

I had intended to watch the game today and post a Nightly Notes column on it, but I actually ended up spending a very enjoyable day cut off nearly entirely from TV and the internet (this is a very, very rare thing for me -- I'm usually on line at least). I'm just now sitting down to check my e-mail and see what the day's story lines were (although I heard on ESPN Radio that the Twins lost earlier). My apologies to anyone stopping by expecting a game story.

The Twins now have four days off, but I don't intend to mimic that on the blog. I can't say yet exactly what I'll be posting, but there's a good bet that I'll have at least a short post up each day during the break. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and let's hope that the All-Star festivities over the next few days are fun to watch and injury free.



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