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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blog Update

I'll be back with a regular Nightly Notes post tonight, and depending on how my day goes I may get another post up before then. Until then, if you want to see some eye-popping numbers, I recommend checking out the stats being put up by the players on the Elizabethton roster. A previous commenter pointed out that numbers in Elizabethton can be a bit inflated -- but even if that's true, the E-Twins are putting up some unbelievable team stats. A few examples:

Elizabethton has a team average of .304 and a team OPS of 890 (you read that right). The next closest team batting average is .278, and the league average (including Elizabethton) is .261. The next highest OPS is 779, and the league average (including Elizabethton) is 728. The E-Twins have 30 homers and 133 RBI's, which again are way over the league averages. My point is that the great offense is not just a product of an offensive paradise. It's also no guarantee that these players will have future success, but why worry about that now? Enjoy the numbers that are being put up, and dream about the possibility that some of these guys might actually be for real!

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