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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nightly Notes: Game #78

Alright, I lied. I actually don't really have anything for you tonight. I will be back with a real notes post tomorrow afternoon when I get home from work, after the Twins (hopefully) have won their ninth straight game. Tonight, it looks like the Twins are going to get within a half game of the White Sox. I still find that sort of unbelievable.

Incidentally, good ole' Germany somehow managed to advance to the Euro 2008 Finals despite not playing very well (or so I hear -- I was at work during the game), and Fresno State pulled off an unbelievable win in the College World Series. Neither Euro soccer (ok, fine -- ANY soccer) or college baseball is on the average American sports fans radar, but this has been a pretty solid year for both. If you're a fan of the stories that come from sports, there's a lot of great stuff coming from outside the Big Three.



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