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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blog Update

I intended to discuss the GCL roster tonight (which is now available on the team website, and which Dianna kindly posted even earlier in the comments to the previous post -- thanks Dianna!), but I'm not going to get around to it. I have updated the org rankings to indicate which players have been assigned to the GCL -- with the exception of relief pitchers, since the main reliever post isn't anywhere close to being done yet. I have every intention of doing a write up on the roster, which has an interesting mix of players, tomorrow.

I will say that there seem to be a very large number of players who were in the Dominican or Venezuelan Summer Leagues last year, and who flew under the radar a bit. There are also some names that I expected to see that didn't show up on either the Elizabethton or GCL rosters -- which begs of the question of where exactly they are (there are a number of possibilities). It's always interesting this time of year, and I'll do my best to keep up with any transactions as they take place.

Finally, congrats to the Twins on a solid series sweep of the Nationals. I know I'm very much looking forward to the D'Backs series over the weekend.

Oh yes -- great match today in the UEFA European Championship, as Germany took out Portugal 3-2. If you haven't been watching this event, I suggest you at least give it a try this weekend. There have been some clunkers in the tournament so far, but games like today's are ample evidence that soccer can be a great game to watch when executed well.



  • At Thu Jun 19, 09:07:00 PM , Blogger Jeremy said...

    You heard anything about Chris Basak? It appears he's back with the Yankee organization.

  • At Thu Jun 19, 09:12:00 PM , Blogger Jeremy said...

    Found it.


    Apparently, he think pretty highley of Chris Basak.

    If it's true that he was sold for $1, I think the Twins got a steal.

  • At Thu Jun 19, 10:03:00 PM , Blogger JST said...

    I understand where Jim Mandalero is coming from with his comments in the blog you linked to (nice find, by the way), but I don't really think this was a big deal. I never understood why the Twins claimed Basak off waivers last summer in the first place, and understood even less why they brought him back. As for why the Twins didn't get anything back (apparently) -- well, I suspect Basak wasn't worth much.

    Frankly, this is the kind of thing I was rooting for since the initial Red Wings roster came out this year -- there were far too many players (Jon Knott, Eli Whiteside, Basak, even Howie Clark) who I didn't think had a lot of value for the club. Ship 'em out and give the younger players a chance to play!

  • At Fri Jun 20, 04:18:00 AM , Blogger Dianna said...

    If you let me know what players your missing, I can probably fill in the blanks for you.

  • At Fri Jun 20, 09:56:00 AM , Blogger JST said...

    Off the top of my head, I'm thinking of Rodney Gessmann, Matthew Lawman, and William Luque. I think there were others who I was wondering about too. I haven't done any digging yet to see if I just missed something, but if you happen to know where these three are I'd be interested.

  • At Fri Jun 20, 03:14:00 PM , Anonymous marty andrade said...

    I watched that stupid Soccer game, stupid Portuguese and their stupid goalie.

    Lousy soccerness.


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