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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nightly Notes: Game #67

And here I thought the Twins were over playing like a AA team . . . guess not. I'm writing this post before the game is even over -- something I almost never do -- because it doesn't seem to be all that important to wait for a final in such a lopsided affair. Here are a few notes:

1.) I have been saying for the past couple of days that I thought the Twins were back in line to see good, solid starts. In fact, that was a significant part of my argument for why the Twins were foolish to keep 13 pitchers -- I figured that needing a bullpen that large was an anomaly. I also mentioned, however, that I was a bit uncomfortable with Livan Hernandez, who has simply been horrid in each of his last five starts. He seems to be the weak link in the chain right now -- which is ironic, since he was supposedly brought in to eat through scads of innings. I will continue to argue, as I did with Rincon, that even if he was eating through a ton of innings, it doesn't much matter because they aren't good innings. Having Livan pitch terribly every five days isn't, incidentally, a reason to keep an extra pitcher in the bullpen; instead, it's a reason to get rid of Livan. Would the Twins be bold enough to part ways with a guy who costs as much as Livan? If they're smart, and if they have a replacement ready to go (say, a certain Francisco Liriano, who appears to be improving), then the answer should be yes.

2.) Nice to see Matt Macri hit his first big league homer tonight. It was pretty much the only real highlight of the evening, from my standpoint.

3.) Didn't see if there was a particular reason that Jason Kubel was in left field tonight instead of Delmon Young. If it was a strategy decision, it clearly didn't work. Doesn't necessarily mean it was a bad decision, just one that didn't work out -- although unless Delmon was unavailable, I'd be inclined to say it was the wrong move.

4.) Glad to hear that #1 pick Aaron Hicks is close to signing, and should be in the fold tomorrow. No reason to delay the development of a promising young high school player. I hope that in a week or so, the Twins will have signed about 12 of their picks -- they're well on their way to that goal, with the 6 announced yesterday and the impending Hicks signing.

5.) Not much else to say tonight. I'm being dragged against my will to the opening of M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" tomorrow, which means I probably won't post anything tomorrow night. I'm serious when I say I'm going to this movie against my will -- it looks ridiculous, Shyamalan ran out of steam long ago, and the movie has a 14% score on rottentomatoes.com, which usually (although not always) is pretty reliable. Nonetheless, I made a promise, so I'll take my punishment and go watch this monstrosity. I'd say that hopefully it won't be as bad as I fear, but I'm realistic -- it's going to suck. Enjoy tomorrow's game, and I should be back on Saturday.

UPDATE: Check out the comments for some good info from Jeremy (mostly regarding the Rochester roster) that I didn't know when I wrote this post originally. I'll be updating Org Rankings posts to reflect all of this stuff over the weekend.



  • At Thu Jun 12, 10:54:00 PM , Blogger Jeremy said...

    How long ago did Sinker make that call? I originally called for Rincon's release on April 13. (I checked my archive.)

    Oh, I found my info on Rochester's website... I should have linked it to you.

    Additionally, from Rochester's game re-cap, both Jeff Christy and Trevor Plouffe are getting called up to AAA. Errol Simonitsch was released.

    I wish I could find more info on signed drafted picks. So far, I only found the 6, but have read that more have been signed/announced... just can't find where it's been announced.

    Garnett's one win away from his ring. He's probably so jacked he won't sleep until it's over. I remain a KG guy, but am still disappointed that McHale didn't make a play to get Pierce. Bill Smith has a long way to go before he's as bad as McHale.

  • At Thu Jun 12, 10:59:00 PM , Blogger Jeremy said...

    Wait, does that work? With Span activated, that fills the roster at 24. Minus Buscher and Morales (DL), that's 22. How can Machado, Christy and Plouffe all be added? Call me crazy (and it is late), but isn't that 25?

  • At Thu Jun 12, 11:39:00 PM , Blogger JST said...

    Jeremy -- Great info. Tons of stuff on here that I'm definitely interested in.

    First up, Sinker didn't make his call to release Rincon until well after April 13, so kudos to you for beating him to the punch -- although on April 13 I personally would probably have still been inclined to wait it out a little bit.

    Regarding the Rochester roster -- I seem to recall that the Red Wings were only at 23 players because they never replaced Macri's spot on the roster when he was supposed to be sent down last Friday. If they released Simonitsch and put Morales on the DL, that would bring them to 21, giving them room to activate Span and add Christy and Plouffe (I'm excited for Plouffe, by the way -- glad to see him get up to AAA).

    I'm also excited for Garnett, and hope he can close it out in Game 5. McHale is a horrible GM -- I hope that we never have reason to compare Bill Smith to him. Even though I disagree with a few moves made by Smith (signing Livan, going to 13 pitchers/hanging on to Rincon for too long), overall I like the direction he's going (I still think the Delmon Young/Matt Garza swap was a great aggressive move, and it looks like Smith did absolutely the best he could with the Santana situation).

  • At Fri Jun 13, 12:04:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Simonitsch was on the AA roster.

  • At Fri Jun 13, 07:37:00 AM , Blogger JST said...

    Of course you're right -- Simonitsch's release would have nothing to do with the Red Wings. Not sure what I was thinking there! Must have been tired when I wrote that. In that case, of course, I have no idea what's going on with the Red Wings roster.

  • At Fri Jun 13, 10:15:00 AM , Blogger Jeremy said...

    I haven't seen it anywhere, but I'm guessing Clark (or even Humber) got moved to the DL to make room for Plouffe.

    I guess it wouldn't be crazy to release Santos, although he's been playing ok lately.

  • At Fri Jun 13, 02:59:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i really wish tolleson would have gotten the call! i wish livan was pitching like he did at the beginning of the season. not that he was great, but he would only get rocked once out of 5 games. now he gets rocked every game. should have sold high!

  • At Fri Jun 13, 07:18:00 PM , Blogger Jeremy said...

    Howie Clark was put on the DL.

    I also read somewhere (LaVelle?) that four players are being promoted from Ft. Myers after the all-star game. So I would assume there will be some more movement from New Britan to Rochester as well.

  • At Fri Jun 13, 10:18:00 PM , Blogger Jeremy said...

    I hope your movie was good. I was all over M. Night after Unbreakable and Signs. And then I bought The Village... and then I saw a preview for Lady in the Water. And then, while working at Target, I saw his name on the back of Stuart Little... so now I'll stick to watching the Twins!


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