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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Juan's Gone

No real surprise here, but Joe Christensen is reporting that the Twins have "cut ties" with Juan Rincon. The Twins are expected to make an official announcement later today -- probably after the game -- but there's really no room for doubt since Rincon's locker has been cleared out. Brian Buscher is reportedly being promoted to replace Rincon, which is what I had been hoping for.

Rincon was a very valuable reliever for the Twins from 2003 to 2006, but he simply hasn't been the same pitcher since. In 2007, he had a 5.13 ERA, and this season his ERA is sitting at 6.11. You can excuse a few months of a bad performance, but nearly a year and a half is a trend that's unlikely to be reversed. For whatever reason (blame performance enhancers if you want, although I don't necessarily think that that's the only reason), Rincon has flamed out.

Ultimately, the Twins needed to make a decision based not on what Rincon used to be, but on what he is now. They made the right decision. For his sake, I hope he can regain his form and catch on with another team. He should have a shot -- as the Strib has reported, the Twins are on the hook for the remainder of Rincon's season salary, while any team that signs him will just have to pay a pro-rated portion of the big league minimum. That makes it very likely that someone will take a chance on him, because there wouldn't be a lot to lose.

For the Twins (and fans like me, who were apoplectic about having a 13 man pitching staff), it's time to move on. All I can say is, I think this came about 2 weeks too late. Credit goes to Howard Sinker, by the way, for calling for this long before anyone else was. He was on the money.

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  • At Thu Jun 12, 03:02:00 PM , Anonymous TT said...

    Other reports indicate that they offered Rincon a minor league assignment.

  • At Thu Jun 12, 03:28:00 PM , Blogger JST said...

    I wouldn't be surprised if they made the offer, but I would be surprised if he accepted. There's a decent shot he'd get a chance to prove himself elsewhere with a marginal team that was willing to pay the pro-rated minimum salary required. We should find out soon, one way or the other.

  • At Thu Jun 12, 07:06:00 PM , Anonymous TT said...

    It sounded like he told some reporters yesterday that he wouldn't accept an assignment to Rochester. He has three days to make a decision.


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