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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Blog Update

Just a reminder that I'm essentially going to be out of commission for another few days. I had hoped to be able to get a nightly notes post up yesterday, but obviously that didn't happen. This weekend, time is likely to be even more crunched (I'm not even sure I'll get to watch any of the games, let alone write about them). Anyway, I'll post if I get a chance but don't expect anything until Tuesday.

Speaking of Tuesday, I'll probably post a long-ish All-Star post then. I'd like to do it Sunday (I believe that's when the rosters are announced -- forgive me if I'm wrong), but again won't be around to write anything then. It seems a lock that Joe Mauer is going to the game (honestly, even if he somehow loses the fan vote, he's a no-brainer for a roster spot). It'll be interesting to see what happens with guys like Morneau and Nathan, though.

It was nice to see the Twins pick up the series win over the Tigers yesterday, and considering that they should have swept that series it's just another reminder that this team seems to have settled firmly into the competitive camp. Should be a fun final three months of the season. I'll be back on Tuesday (and maybe occasionally before then) to provide more commentary.



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