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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mini Nightly Notes (Again)

I'm still on pace to return full time on Tuesday. I just wanted to get up a congratulatory post for the Twins All-Stars (Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Joe Nathan if you somehow hadn't yet heard). Mauer and Morneau were, I thought, shoe-ins for spots on the roster. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Joe Nathan had made the team, though. I thought he deserved it, but with a lot of closers having pretty good years it seemed to me like he could end up in a numbers crunch. I'm looking forward to seeing the game when it happens, and I'm sure the Twins reps will represent the team well.

I'm amazed by this Twins team, incidentally. I've run out of superlatives, and can only say that this team really does fit the "never gives up" description to a T. I'm a little concerned about the team potentially messing with the roster's chemistry when Adam Everett and Matt Tolbert are ready to be activated in August, but I'll write more about that as the time gets closer.

Oh yes -- congrats to Rafael Nadal for finally getting his Wimbledon win. I didn't get a chance to watch the match, and I'm bitterly disappointed by that because it sounds as if it were absolutely amazing. I can only hope that the US Open will be as compelling.



  • At Mon Jul 07, 08:18:00 AM , Anonymous Andrew Kneeland said...

    The 2009 US Open? Yes, the Wimbledon match was something else. I don't watch much tennis, so I have no authority in this matter, but people are calling it the best ever. It was the longest ever...

    You could really see Federer fade at the end. He made way too many unforced errors, and Nadal was exploiting his weaknesses left and right. You should find a tape of it.


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