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Sunday, January 13, 2008

What's On Deck

It's time for a couple of my most popular series from the last off-season to re-appear on the blog, and I wanted to give any visitors to the site a heads-up on when some things will be posted. First up, starting tomorrow, I'll be revisiting my "Pre-Pre-Season Predictions" series which I started last year. Basically, I take a look at each division, give some analysis of the teams, and give some ridiculously early predictions on how the division races will come out. Considering there are still free agents to sign and jobs to be won in spring training, these predictions are very incomplete -- but they're still fun to put together. The schedule for publication in this series looks like this:

January 14 - NL West
January 21 - NL East
January 28 - NL Central
February 4 - AL West
February 11 - AL East
February 18 - AL Central

The other big series that's on its way back is the "Organizational Rankings" series which I started last year. This is designed to be a comprehensive listing of all players in the organization, with rankings by position. I only change the actual rankings once per year, but I do update additions to and subtractions from the roster on the pages, which are linked to on the right side of the blog. You can see the publication dates for this series in the sidebar, but if you're too lazy to look, here's the schedule:

January 29 - Catchers
January 30 - First Basemen
January 31 - Outfielders
February 5 - Second Basemen
February 6 - Third Basemen
February 7 - Shortstops
February 12 - Starting Pitchers
February 14 - Relief Pitchers

When these two series are done, Spring Training will have arrived -- and this blog will go back into heavy commentary on position battles and other rites of spring.

Of course, in the interim I'll still be talking about any other news being generated by the Twins, including the arbitration figures exchanged between the team and a few players this coming week and any signings or cuts. And let's not forget (as if it were possible to!) that Johan Santana is still likely to be traded before mid-February. If and when that happens, I'll discuss it in detail (along with every other blogger out there).



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