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Friday, January 11, 2008

Spring Non-Roster Invitees

It's not exactly earth-shattering news, but the Twins today released a list of 17 Non-Roster invitees to Spring Training. Here's the list:

Ricky Barrett - LHP
Casey Daigle - RHP
Zach Day - RHP
Brian Duensing - LHP
Armando Gabino - RHP
Mariano Gomez - LHP
Randy Keisler - LHP
Drew Butera - C
Eli Whiteside - C
Allan de San Miguel - C
Chris Basak - IF
Howie Clark - IF
Alejandro Machado - IF
Felix Molina - IF
Randy Ruiz - IF
Tommy Watkins - IF
Jon Knott - OF

None of these players are likely to make the team out of spring training, but you never know when someone is going to impress the team. More than anything, this is a chance for a few guys (like Barrett, Machado, and Watkins) to impress the team and maybe get themselves into a position to be a callup later in the season.

The most surprising name on the list from my standpoint? That would be catcher Allan de San Miguel, a soon-to-be 20-year-old Australian who has never played above Ft. Myers. Quite obviously, de San Miguel was invited to Spring Training solely to get a chance to spend some time with veterans and get the Major League spring experience. This kind of invite is not all that uncommon, and hopefully de San Miguel takes advantage and shows off his defensive skills (because based on his past stats and his .204 career minor league average, I don't imagine he's going to get to the big leagues with his bat).

The other names on the list that interested me were the players who are new to the organization, some of who had been announced as signing previously (like Casey Daigle) and some of whom had not (Zach Day). Other than Daigle and Day, that list includes Mariano Gomez, Randy Keisler (who has 55 games of Major League experience -- and a 6.63 career ERA), Eli Whiteside, Howie Clark, Randy Ruiz, and Jon Knott.

Finally, I'm glad to see that the Twins brought Felix Molina back into the fold after he became a minor-league free agent. Molina has been in the Twins organization since 2001, and I'm happy to see him return. The invite to spring training is icing on the cake.

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  • At Fri Jan 11, 08:05:00 PM , Anonymous TT said...

    "Allan de San Miguel"

    He is supposed to be an outstanding defensive catcher. I think he is in spring training because he is considered the best defensive catcher in the organization - with the possible exception of Joe Mauer. He will probably end up an organization player, but he could be a major league backup if his bat ever gets going at all.


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