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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blog Update

Since I haven't posted anything since New Year's, I thought it was appropriate to at least get something up to let those of you who drop on by know that there is still life on Planet Taylor. Essentially, the reason for my lack of blogging has been the paucity of news relating to the Twins -- and even to baseball in general -- over the past few weeks. I guess I could write up a big post on the White Sox acquisition of Nick Swisher today (a mistake, in my mind, based on what they gave up), but frankly I'm not that interested in the White Sox and I doubt many of you are either.

Rest assured, there will be new content upcoming fairly soon -- early next week I'll be posting my predictions regarding the results of the Hall of Fame balloting, and the day that those results are released I'll be posting my reaction. I will also, of course, comment on any Twins transactions, and any other MLB transactions of particular interest. Beyond that, I'm devoting a lot of the next month to coming up with a new look for the organizational rankings, which will be updated in February. I'm playing around with a few formats for the entries, so hopefully I can come up with something interesting with that. The organizational rankings posts take a lot of time, but they were my favorite posts to write last year and I can't wait to go at it again.



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