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Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Arbitration for Guerrier

I get awfully impatient during this time of year -- spring training is still far enough away to seem distant, the major free agent signings are done, and the news that trickles out is of agreements on contracts with players who are already in the fold for next year. Ah well -- unexciting news is still news, and today's announcement that the Twins agreed to terms with Matt Guerrier on a one-year, $950,000 deal to avoid arbitration is something at least. The signing leaves Michael Cuddyer as the last Twin still eligible for arbitration this season -- but considering the Twins track record over the past couple of years, I would guess that the two sides will come to an agreement soon.

Sadly, that's all I've got for news for now. Just a reminder, though, that things will heat up around this blog starting next week. On Monday, I'll have my Pre-Pre-Season Predictions for the NL Central. Then, Tuesday through Thursday will see my first three Organizational Rankings postings for 2008 (starting with Catchers, then First Basemen, and the Outfielders). Things should stay pretty busy all the way up to the start of spring training, and then of course things will stay busy throughout the season.



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