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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Goodbye Brad (and Welcome Back Rondell)

I'm late to the party with my farewall to Radke post, but that's more because of my hectic finals schedule than any lack of enthusiasm to offer my farewell. Radke has been a Twins institution for the past 12 seasons, and while he struggled on occasion (I remember an inauspicious season opener against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays where the season began with a Radke-thrown longball on the first pitch - that's the only season opener I've ever attended, by the way), but I remember far more of the good moments - the gutsy performances and quiet determination.

Several members of the Twins coaching staff (and undoubtedly teammates and front office personnel as well) tried to convince Radke to return, but it was pretty clear from the emotion with which Radke excited his last game as a Twin that he wasn't coming back. That's really for the best - the man's shoulder is in shreds, and he would have either missed time or been extremely ineffective next season. He was certainly not going to be an answer for the inexperienced starting staff that it looks like we'll be throwing out there next year.

So, farewell Brad. You will be missed.

White Returns

The other news coming in tonight is that the Twins have re-signed Rondell White to a $2.5 million contract for 2007, with a vesting option and a $250,000 buyout for 2008. Looking at the market, there just really were not other good options available. I don't know if Rondell will play well or not next year, but at $2.5 million, this is a good deal for the Twins. It does make me wonder even more why Lew Ford was not non-tendered last week, however, since the Twins now have six outfielders (White, Hunter, Cuddyer, Ford, Tyner, Kubel), and are extremely unlikely to carry all six on the Major League roster.

For Kubel, this move likely means that he'll be competing for the DH role with Ken Harvey, and a platoon situation there is certainly a possibility. It will be interesting to see this play out in Spring Training.


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