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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Playoff Rotation

Well folks, I'm thrilled. Boof Bonser is going to be starting Game 2 of the playoffs, and that's the way it should be. Somewhere in one of the posts below I mentioned that this was what I wanted the Twins to do, and for one very basic reason: Bonser has been pretty darned good, and has easily earned that spot.

The start is being made possible by moving his next start up to Friday (it was scheduled for Saturday). My preferred solution was to start Bonser on Saturday and limit him to 60 pitches or so, but this is better because he'll be starting the playoff game on regular rest.

That means the question spots in the rotation are in the 3 and 4 spots, and Brad Radke could go a long way towards answering one of the questions with his start on Thursday. I'll go on record as saying that I don't think that Radke will be on the playoff roster, because honestly that would be ridiculous, based on the damage he has suffered in his shoulder. I certainly hope I'm wrong; Radke at 70% is better than any of the other options available for Game 3. I just suspect that his body is going to let him down.

So, that would leave Game 4 for either Silva or Garza. As I said yesterday, watch carefully; the way they pitch this week very well could be the determinative factor on who gets to start (and who is likely left off the roster altogether).


  • At Wed Sep 27, 10:35:00 AM , Anonymous Joel said...

    I agree with the doubt of Radke--like you, I'm also hoping for the best, expecting the worst. For other options, despite Silva's horrific-ness this year at times, I think he has the potential to turn in a better playoff start than Garza. Especially if our opponent is the Yankees. Something has to be said for a veteran in the playoffs I guess. Garza, when he pitched against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium, looked completely outmatched.

    I guess I'd have to choose based on where Game 3 takes place. I'd want Garza would be if the Twins did NOT have home field advantage, allowing Garza's potential Game 3 start to occur in the Metrodome. I think in that situation, Garza would be a better choice because his stuff is more reliable, even tho' he gets the rookie jitters. I mean, Garza WILL give up 2-3 runs per start, whereas Silva could give up 0-8. I'd take my chances with the sure 2-3 in 6 inns.

    In the meantime, who'd have thunk that Boof Bonser would be getting our vote of confidence for GAME 2?!?! The kid's a stud and I really hope for his sake that he's able to continue it into the playoffs. What a shot in the arm for his career with a sure rotation spot next year sandwiched in between Santana and Liriano.


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