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Monday, September 25, 2006

What is he talking about?

UPDATE: You know what happens when you get caught up in the moment and don't think through what you're writing? A post like the one below happens. I leave it up for historical documentation of my excitability. As a reader pointed out (and as I was thinking moments after writing the article), Bonser wouldn't be in line to start Game 1 or 2 if he kept his regular start on Saturday, and there is no convenient way to juggle the rotation. So, it looks like a Game 3 start for Bonser is in order. This means, of course, that I am less than fair to Ken Rosenthal in the post below. Sorry, Ken. Oh yeah . . . I stand by my ESPN comment, regardless. And now for the original post:

I never go to Foxsports.com; I much prefer getting my national sports news from ESPN, which has a better website, better writers, more insightful commentary . . . you get the drift. But tonight, feeling the need to see articles on the Twins from every possible source (call it post-clinch euphoria), I wandered across to the aforementioned website and came across the following article.

It's an examination of what Ron Gardenhire should do if the Twins needed to win the last game of the season, which Johan Santana is lined up to start. The article isn't yet completely moot - that last game could be very important in the race for the AL Central. Nevertheless, the article shows a lack of understanding of the Twins situation, and makes the author, Ken Rosenthal, look a little bit less than fully informed.

For one thing, the "Yankees are evil and must be avoided at all cost" mentality was widely evident throughout the writing. Ron Gardenhire's decision, made a few days ago, that Johan Santana would almost certainly not start the last game of the series is criticized as flawed because *gasp* the Twins would have to face the Yankees. Yeah, the Yankees are good. But ya know what? Facing the Yankees in a 5-game series, with Johan Santana starting 2 of those games, isn't such a bad thing. It's at least a close call as to whether facing them in the first or second round would be a better option. So, this is just an annoying point.

Far more worrisome is that Rosenthal seems to actually think that Carlos Silva is the second-best starter on the Twins staff. The quote: "Even if Santana won the game to clinch the division title, the Twins' Game 1 starter likely would be right-hander Carlos Silva, whose ERA is 5.95. Their Game 2 starter likely would be rookie right-hander Matt Garza - unless right-hander Brad Radke could pitch with a stress fracture in his right shoulder."

Hey, Ken? You posted this article an hour ago, AFTER Boof Bonser had put together yet another solid start. You know, the guy you failed to mention at all? Ken? Seriously, Carlos Silva? This makes no sense at all. Depending on what happens this week, Silva may not even be on the playoff roster. This is what happens when someone who doesn't know much about the team tries to analyze what's going to happen with them. I'd rather read Sid Hartman than going back to Foxsports, and that's saying something. ESPN, I'll never leave ya.


  • At Tue Sep 26, 08:18:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Maybe Rosenthal does follow things a little more closely than you think. Bonser should be starting Saturday. I doubt he is going to make a Wednesday start and he certainly wouldn't start Tuesday. So, if Santana started Sunday, the Silva then Garza pairing is probably correct. Of course he won't, but Silva is still the most likely game two starter if Radke can't pitch.

    As things stand now, its very likely Santana will pitch Tuesday and Silva Wednesday.

  • At Tue Sep 26, 09:16:00 AM , Blogger JST said...

    Actually, I thought about that after I wrote the post. It probably wasn't fair to Rosenthal, who is after all the "senior baseball writer" for Fox Sports, and almost certainly knows his stuff.

    But hey, if you're going to write a hit job on Fox Sports, why not go all out?

    Incidentally, I would prefer if the Twins started Bonser Saturday but held him to a low pitch count (say, 60 pitches) and then started him in Game 2. That probably won't happen, however, and you're right, Silva will probably *shudder* be starting game 2.

    I'll post an update on the main post suggesting that I was less than fair to Rosenthal.


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