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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nightly Notes

1.) It sure wasn't pretty, but a win is a win is a win. This one was hugely important for the teams, because of what's happened over the past few days, and (as mentioned below) what happened this afternoon. Now the Twins can go for the series victory tomorrow.

2.) I was following the White Sox game in the early afternoon, and was thrilled by yet another horrid start from Mark Buehrle. The game was delayed after five innings with the Sox trailing 7-2, and I went out shopping for some necessities and for some grub. When I came back, the Sox had staged a ridiculous comeback and won the game 11-7. Had the Twins lost today for the third day in a row, that win might have been looked back on as the "turning point" that cost the Twins a playoff shot. Instead, the Twins magic number reduces by one, and the White Sox lose another day in the race. Their elimination number is now just 3, with 5 Twins games and 4 Sox games left before the season-ending series between the two.

3.) Crazy bullpen use by Ron Gardenhire today, but it worked. Matt Guerrier struggled a bit in his 1.1 innings, and with the Twins leading 6-5, Ron Gardenhire rather stunningly brought in Glen Perkins, who had a total of 1.1 innings and 18 pitches thrown at the major league level. The move worked, and Perkins went 0.2 innings before giving way. The Twins then proceeded to use everybody except Juan Rincon and Willie Eyre through the rest of the game, culminating with a solid 9th inning from Joe Nathan. Like the game itself, this was weird but effective.

4.) The Boston Red Sox lost today to Toronto, and this loss coupled with the Twins win eliminated the Red Sox from the playoffs. The Angels victory staved off the inevitable; their elimination number from the wild card is down to just 1.

5.) Rondell White went 4-for-4 today. Torii Hunter hit his 29th HR. What on earth is going on here? Food for thought: is it actually possible that BOTH of these players could be brought back by the Twins for next season? (My self-imposed blackout prevents me from answering that question, but I figured asking it was ok)

6.) Justin Morneau moved into a tie for second place with Harmon Killebrew's 1962 season on the Twins single season RBI list. Congrats to Justin! Hopefully many more are to come. Incidentally, if he wants the record, he'll need 15 RBI's in 8 games. Probably not going to happen.


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