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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nightly Notes

1.) A hearty welcome back to Peter Gammons, who has written a column that is posted all over ESPN (Insider Account required). The summer wasn't the same without him.

2.) My pestering of Twins front office execs produced results, in the form of a correct 40-man roster now being posted on the website. This is why I love the Twins . . . how many other teams have people in the front office not only willing to answer questions, but to take care of little stuff like this that only affects a tiny fraction of Twins fans? I mean, let's face it; the vast majority of fans (and probably even the majority of people who read a transaction-oriented site such as this one) don't really care whether an extra person is listed on the 40-man roster.

3.) Justin Morneau made a statement that he belongs in the MVP race. His batting average after tonight should be around 5th in the AL (ESPN hasn't updated to include today's 5-for-5 performance yet, so I don't know where he'll fall exactly), 10th in Homeruns, and 2nd in RBI's. David Ortiz has two strikes against him (DH and non-playoff team), while Jermaine Dye has one strike (non-playoff team). For me, that means that the race is between Jeter and Morneau. While I am a Jeter fan (he's probably the only guy on the Yankees that I could even think about whom I could say that), Morneau's higher run production numbers cinch it for me. If Jeter wins the batting title, I'd say he's a lock because he plays for those darned Yankees. But Morneau deserves to come in second, assuming the Twins hold on and make the playoffs.

4.) The Texas Rangers were eliminated from the Wild Card tonight. They're still (barely) alive in the AL West. That's one down, 4 to go (Blue Jays, Red Sox, Angels, White Sox - quite possibly in that order).

5.) I'm thrilled with how things have shaken out in the first two games of the White Sox/Tigers series. The Twins are 1/2 game behind the Tigers, and have increased their lead on the White Sox. Seriously, what's not to like? Other blogs have discussed this issue in more detail, but suffice it to say I was just hoping for a split between these two, and that's what's happened.

6.) I feel bad about this, but I have to admit to being very, very worried whenever Juan Rincon takes the mound. For some crazy reason, I suspect I am not alone.


  • At Tue Sep 19, 11:00:00 PM , Blogger Marty said...

    Peter Gammons is actually younger than my father.

    I had always assumed Gammons was on borrowed time like SidHartmann, but no, he's just been worn away by the ravages of (snicker) sportswriting.

    Speaking of Sid, when will God decide to yank away his presence on the mortal coil?

  • At Wed Sep 20, 12:45:00 PM , Blogger JST said...

    Peter has always looked like an old fella, but that's part of his charm. Sid . . . I'll leave the mortality decision to God.


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