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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Enemy Intel Report

The second to the last report on the week's upcoming games, and there are some doozies in this hugely important week.

Minnesota Twins
Off Day (Mon)
3 games @ Boston (Tue-Thu)
3 games @ Baltimore (Fri-Sun)

Detroit Tigers
3 games @ Chicago White Sox (Mon-Wed)
1 game @ Baltimore (Thu)
3 games @ Kansas City (Fri-Sun)

Chicago White Sox
3 games vs. Detroit (Mon-Wed)
4 games vs. Seattle (Thu-Sun)

New York Yankees
3 games @ Toronto (Mon-Wed)
Off Day (Thu)
3 games @ Tampa Bay (Fri-Sun)

Boston Red Sox
Off Day (Mon)
3 games vs. Minnesota (Tue-Thu)
3 games @ Toronto (Fri-Sun)

Oakland Athletics
4 games vs. Cleveland (Mon-Thu)
3 games vs. Los Angeles Angels (Fri-Sun)

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Off Day (Mon)
2 games @ Kansas City (Tue-Wed)
Off Day (Thu)
3 games @ Oakland (Fri-Sun)

So, no matter what, the Twins will be losing 1/2 game in the standings to either Detroit or Chicago tomorrow. I guess, since we're now so close to the division lead, I would rather have Detroit lose tomorrow, giving the Twins a chance to take the division lead on Tuesday. This is going to be a pretty crazy week.


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