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Thursday, September 14, 2006

One Game!!!

1.) Detroit must hate off-days. They've had two of them in the last four days, and the Twins have played, and won, on both. The result: a full game gained by the Twins, and nary a thing the Tigers could do about it. I find it amazing that the Twins keep positive, keep winning, keep grinding it out. If the Twins make the playoffs, I think it will be all the sweeter because this shouldn't have been possible. What a ride.

2.) Nice and funny comments from Ozzie Guillen in the Chicago Tribune. The best quote? Try this on for size:
"Three games in Minnesota, and we have to sweep them?" Guillen said. "I doubt it. I doubt it because they have one guy there (American League Cy Young Award candidate Johan Santana) we have to kidnap. Maybe poison him . . . give him some Venezuelan food."
Maybe we should post a guard . . .

3.) Justin Morneau is now tied with Kirby Puckett '88 for 4th on the All-Time single season RBI list, with 121. Looking up, all he can see is Harmon Killebrew. The Twins record is 140, so Morneau needs to average more than 1 per game to reach it. While I sure HOPE that Morneau knocks in runs at that pace in the last 16 games, it seems unlikely. Still, second place is just 5 RBI's away, and should be easily reached. Meanwhile, Michael Cuddyer's 100th RBI earned him a place on my list, and he joins Rod Carew '77 in a tie for 25th on the list.

4.) The Red Wings decided that they didn't like the feeling of losing in game 1 of their championship series with Toledo. They got some major help in yesterday's Game 2 when Kevin Slowey, fresh off an appearance with Team USA, went 7.2 innings, allowing just 1 ER on 5 H's to pick up the win. Andres Torres and Garrett Jones both homered in the game, and Rochester won 6-1. Then, in tonight's Game 3, Glen Perkins went 7 innings, allowing 3 ER's on 6 H's while striking out 10. Jones hit another homerun, as did Jose Morales, and Rochester won 10-4. They go into tomorrow's game 4 with a chance to wrap up the title. I said it before, but I'll say it again: it's amazing that Rochester is on the verge of winning the International League title considering that so many of the players that started the season with them are now with the Twins.

5.) Some fella by the name of Santana goes tomorrow. Excited? Oh yeah . . . his opponent is 1-9 with a 6.24 ERA. More excited?


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