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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Magic Number Talk

Several pertinent things to discuss about Magic Numbers. Here goes:

1.) The Angels have been eliminated from the Wild Card race. That leaves just the White Sox in position to catch the Twins.

2.) The Twins magic number of 2 means that if they win 1 more game this season, at worst they would play Chicago in a one-game playoff. That's because ending the season with a magic number of 1 means that you're tied with the other team. So, a win against the Royals, even if the White Sox win their three games against the Indians, would be incredibly meaningful. Of course, a magic number of 2 also means that all the Twins have to do to clinch a playoff spot is win one game against the White Sox in that series. The White Sox have to sweep, in Minnesota, as well as get a lot of help over the next 4 days. I like those odds.

3.) Detroit has crept back into the lead for home-field advantage in the playoffs, by .5 game over the Yankees. Their magic number to clinch the number 1 seed is 7.

4.) Speaking of Detroit, their magic number for clinching the AL Central is now at 6. With their victory today, they clinched a playoff spot. The White Sox only hope is to catch the Twins for the Wild Card.

5.) Oakland's elimination number to win home-field advantage varies depending on which team would win HFA: Detroit - 5; New York - 6; Minnesota - 7

6.) Minnesota's elimination number to win the division is 6.

There are other numbers I could give you, but I think this is plenty.


  • At Mon Sep 25, 09:18:00 AM , Anonymous Joel Calahan said...

    I've got no blog and no designs on getting one, but I stumbled upon this ex-pat Twins blog of yours just a few minutes ago and was appalled that the Twins nation hasn't been around to comment in a while. I'm an ex-pat Twins fan myself, but I live in the lions' den, so to speak: Chicago. I'm really enjoying the Sox' futility right now as the guys from talk radio and their hapless announcers try to wax nostalgic for last year's improbable run and account for this year's epic collapse.

    I'll be dropping by regularly, now that I've found an outlet for Twins talk. Nice to meet you. Let's hope the other members of the Twins diaspora find their over here too.

  • At Mon Sep 25, 11:06:00 AM , Blogger JST said...

    Thanks for the comment, and for dropping by. If other former Minnesotans drop in, that'd be great. And living in Chicago . . . not sure I could handle that!

    I look forward to reading your comments, and hopefully will keep putting together a blog worth reading.


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