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Sunday, December 07, 2008

No Surprise

I'm not sure why Dennys Reyes and his agent decided to wait until what seems like the very last instant to decline the Twins offer of arbitration, but it seems they did just that. Reyes is a lefty with a good track record, and should be able to get a nice, juicy contract on the open market. As such, there was no real reason for him to accept the Twins arbitration offer. From the Twins side, while I'm sure they wouldn't have minded getting Reyes back for another year, they really made the offer to protect the draft pick compensation they'll receive when he signs elsewhere. Really, this is a win-win for both sides. The Twins seem interested in adding a reliever during the Winter Meetings, so we'll see if that (or anything else) happens starting tomorrow.

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  • At Tue Dec 09, 09:49:00 AM , Anonymous Marty Andrade said...

    I wonder if Blagojevich was considering arbitration or if he was just going to look for a free agent. Personally, I would have just used a replacement level Senator from within the organization.

  • At Tue Dec 09, 10:59:00 AM , Blogger JST said...

    You nearly made me spit my coke on my keyboard when I read your comment. How ridiculous is this buffoon? I guess we know now why he was taking so long . . .

  • At Tue Dec 09, 03:37:00 PM , Anonymous Marty Andrade said...

    At this point, we it be that much worse to put the Illinois Senate seat on eBay?

    I'm no expert when it comes to political corruption, but I do know there's a right and a wrong way to do it. Blabbering about "monetizing" the senate seat on the phone has to be in the "stupid" category. How did this guy get elected?


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