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Monday, December 01, 2008

Reyes Offered Arbitration

No surprises today, which was a good thing -- the Twins offered Dennys Reyes arbitration, guaranteeing them either another year of Reyes or a sandwich pick in the 2009 draft. As I said yesterday, this made perfect sense. Reyes has 6 days to accept or decline the offer. Normally I would expect Reyes to reject the offer -- he almost certainly can get a multi-year deal with another team, and that would probably be more desirable for him than sticking around in Minnesota for one year (even if it would be for an arbitration inflated price). However, the slow development of the market this off-season might at least make it somewhat tempting for Reyes to take the offer. I still expect him to decline, but maybe his agent will have to think a bit harder about his recommendation. Either way, the Twins made the right move.



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