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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blog Update

Nice to see the Twins take care of business last night against the Royals -- with the White Sox playing the Red Sox, the Twins need to win at least one more of the next two games, and a sweep would be great. I intend to put up a Nightly Notes post tonight after the game -- and maybe the Twins will find themselves in first place again at that point.

Incidentally, I'm sorry to hear about Michael Cuddyer's injury. Even though he hasn't had a great year even when healthy, he still is a player who has obviously been very successful at the big league level, and it would have been nice to have him back. Thankfully, the Twins have been winning without him, and now the Twins don't have the dilemma of what to do with Denard Span and Carlos Gomez. Hopefully, Cuddyer can heal quickly and return to the team by the end of the season -- but I have no idea how long a broken foot takes to heal, so we'll see.

Enjoy your Saturday, and I'll be back tonight.



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