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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Update

Just a reminder that I'm in the middle of moving, which has been taking up a lot of the time that I would normally spend blogging (or putting together some ideas for the blog). By Friday, I should be settled in, and by Sunday I should have resumed a normal blogging schedule. Until then, don't expect much more than the occasional note such as I dropped earlier tonight discussing Adam Everett being cut. If the Twins make a deal tomorrow or Thursday, I'll find time to post my thoughts.

Incidentally, congrats to the Twins for winning tonight's game. Going into the White Sox series, I felt that the Twins had to split the series at a bare minimum -- losing it 3-1 or being swept would have been unbelievably deflating, especially since the series is being played in the Dome. The Twins have now successfully done what they had to do, and anything else is a bonus. You have to think there's a good chance they can win at least one of the next two games to finish the series just 1/2 game back -- and dare we dream about a sweep? We'll see!



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