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Friday, July 25, 2008

Blog Update

I was off watching the new X-Files movie tonight (mini-review: definitely not good, but maybe not quite as terrible as many reviewers are suggesting), so I didn't get the chance to see the Twins almost come back against the Indians, or the White Sox once again demonstrate that they're the team of destiny this year. Nor did I get the chance to see Joba Chamberlain dominate the Red Sox. Put it this way -- I'm glad I was out. These three results are pretty much the exact opposite of what I would have preferred to see (I really don't like Joba -- guess he reminds me a little too much of Clemens). Anyway, I intend to be back tomorrow with at least one and maybe two posts. It all depends on how my early morning moving goes -- I'm in the homestretch, and have to be out of my current place on Thursday. Going to be a rough week!



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