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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bye Bye Adam Everett . . . Maybe

As most of you have probably seen by now, the Twins have cut Adam Everett. They had to make some sort of decision on what to do with him, as his 20-day rehab stint was up. I don't think there's a big need to go into much analysis on this issue -- Everett was dead weight ever since being signed, and I doubt there are many fans out there who are upset with this decision.

The Twins supposedly would like Everett to accept a demotion to AAA, but I doubt that he'll do so. He has 72 hours, and I personally hope he decides to search for greener pastures. There had been some discussion that the Dodgers might be interested (Buster Olney suggested just this morning that a trade was possible), but at this point the market for him is likely to be so small that anyone seriously interested will probably just wait to see if he ends up on the open market. Any returns in a trade would probably not be worth much, in any case.

Of significantly more concern is the fact that Alexi Casilla is off to get an MRI on his thumb. As much as I've been touting the recent solid performance of Nick Punto, I certainly don't want to see him getting playing time because Casilla is hurt. Hopefully this will turn into a "couple of days" thing instead of a nagging injury that necessitates a trip to the DL.

Now, let's hope the Twins can follow up last night's excellent game with another win to guarantee at worst a series split. Go Twins!

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