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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog Update

I'm tired and I'm cranky (moving heavy things all day long will do that to you), so I'm in no mood to put together a real blog post tonight. A few things I'm thinking about while lying on my couch:

1.) I'm disappointed (and surprised) that the Twins didn't even make a minor move today. This morning, I placed the odds at just 10% that the Twins would do absolutely nothing. I guess the great thing about expressing predictions in terms of percentages is that, really, you can't prove I was wrong!

2.) I'm thrilled that the Twins seem to be leaning towards parting ways with Livan Hernandez. About bloody time. Hopefully, this is more than just a mere rumbling.

3.) Looks like the Twins are going to win again tonight. Taking 3-of-4 from the White Sox is a huge deal for the team. They're serious contenders, and with Francisco Liriano in the rotation (hopefully by next week) -- along with Manny Ramirez NOT being on the Red Sox -- I suddenly feel as if the Twins can compete with any team in the AL not based in Anaheim. Well, except for the Yankees in New York, which is Twins kryptonite.

4.) Far be it from me to make fun of people with eclectic interests, but I'm unbelievably sick of the X-Games. ESPN has been promoting them for seemingly months. The ads are just plain stupid -- not witty, or edgy, or thoughtful, but really, really stupid. They're treated like a big deal, but I don't know anyone who enjoys them (which maybe says more about who I hang out with than anything else). Obviously, people watch -- otherwise this stuff would disappear, or be shown about as often as the Lumberjack Games. Still, I really don't understand the appeal. I can't wait for this junk to be done so the parade of inane ads disappears.

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  • At Thu Jul 31, 11:10:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Here, here. I seriously think the only reason that people watch is to see people fall several stories and break themselves. And don't leave me alone in a room with darkmane.


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