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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Abbreviated Notes

I've got to be quick tonight, so I'm just going to dash off a few quick thoughts on the Twins win today and possibly a few other things:

1.) For all the griping about the bullpen (and I've been right there with ya, especially during the brutal stretches), there are some pretty solid ERA's in the bunch -- Breslow (2.67), Reyes (2.41), Crain (3.26) and of course Nathan (1.05) all pitched today. I realize that everything about a pitcher is not captured by ERA alone, but I suspect that most teams in baseball would be pretty happy with four guys who have ERA's like that.

2.) In what is clearly an effort to make me look like a fool, Delmon's recent surge in power came shortly after I declared that his first season as a Twins would almost certainly have to be labeled a disappointment since his run production numbers were off. I should have just stuck with my initial analysis from around the All Star break when I said that he'd have a really solid second half. Never give in, never surrender!

3.) I gave Bill Smith a hard time on Marty's podcast the other day (well, sort of -- I gave him a C because I felt free agency was a debacle that needn't have happened), but at least he doesn't do foolish things like, I don't know, sign Carlos Silva to a 4-year/$48 million deal. As bad as I felt the Livan signing was, it was only for one year and was for a pretty small sum of money relative to what a lot of free agents get. It was by no means an anchor dragging the franchise down. The Silva deal? That had no chance of working out.

4.) Of course it's more fun to watch a close race like the 4 x 100 freestyle relay from the other night where the US nipped the French by a touch. Still, there's something about watching sheer, unadulterated dominance like last night's 4 x 200 relay. My preference would almost always go to the close race, but since I'm pulling for Phelps to pick up 8 golds there's something to be said for a no-doubter.

5.) That's it for tonight -- if there's something important to discuss tomorrow, I'll post. Otherwise, expect me back on Friday.



  • At Thu Aug 14, 05:31:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    BJ Hermsen signed with the Twins today. Heard it was for $600,000 plus money for college
    Kris Sutter
    Manchester Iowa

  • At Thu Aug 14, 05:45:00 PM , Blogger JST said...

    Kris, thanks for the news! I'm excited that it got done, and frankly a little surprised. I'm glad the two sides kept talking and got the deal done!

  • At Thu Aug 14, 07:38:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    if you want to here some audio about BJ Hermsen signing go to KMCH.com



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